Find Yourself A Reverse Mentor

If you are reading this, and you are over the age of 35 (give or take), find a REVERSE MENTOR. Congratulations, you have likely acquired enough skills in your chosen field where you have moved up the ranks. You are managing more people, dealing with more complex problems. The issue is that you are likely spending less time where the rubber hits the road. You can too quickly lose touch with junior employees and their needs. You can too quickly lose touch with the details that drive your industry. In my world, that might be knowing the details and 20 new features that Snapchat might have released this past week.

Solution? Find a reverse mentor. A great reverse mentor will be someone in the first few years of their career. Someone who is in touch with those in the trenches. Someone who knows every detail and how every gear grinds.  Oh, and someone not afraid to tell you how it is.

So, whats in it for them? That reverse mentor wants to know how to grow their career? They might want to know more about how sales and new business works? They might want advice in salary negotiation? They might want to know how to become CEO one day?  The might want to understand how to deal with the first tough feedback they have received.

So, what to do about it? Think about those in your work environment that might be able to add value to your life (and visa versa) who is junior in their career. Find someone who can re-inspire you around the details on the ground-floor. Find someone who reminds you of what your first years of work were like. Find someone who you also can in turn add value to. If you want to read more, check out this article Reverse Mentor (forbes)

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