There’s no such thing as a “natural leader.”

Great leaders have a set of abilities essential to working with and inspiring others, including trust building, persuasion, time management, principled negotiating, and active listening.

All of these soft skills can be learned—and Jared Belsky, one of the country’s leading digital marketing CEOs, can show you how.

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Your Key to Successful
Client Relationships

The Great Client Partner is your guide to honing your soft skills to complement your technical expertise, making you ready to lead large teams, innovate, and build trust with your clients.

Your clients are busy people.

Understanding their reality with true empathy allows you to create trust.

Make your moments matter. You may only get 5% but self-aware client partners can still make magic happen.

Time the client thinks about the Great Client Partner


If you are reading this book, it is because you want to grow as a leader and ensure you personally invest in more soft-skill acquisition or because you want to find more ways to pass it on to others.

Even more specifically, in certain fields like advertising, marketing, creative, consulting, and most marketing communications businesses, the difference between thriving and failure is emotional intelligence and true understanding of those around you.

At the end of the day, what makes a great leader in this business is the ability to deal with the hard things, to anticipate complex moments, and to work around them successfully.

Navigating those moments is what defines your career.

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Assets & Training Exercises

Check your team’s awareness.

Administer this quiz to your extended internal team.

For anyone who gets less than 90 percent correct, you should assume they don’t know nearly enough about your client’s business partner.

If you are the leader of your team, copy the chart to the side, or download to print it out, and start off your next meeting by administering this fun little test.

The scores are not the point…

What matters is that you can now engage your team in a dialogue about how well (or poorly) you collectively know of that key about whom you thought you knew everything.

Field Awareness Exercise

Bryan Wiener, CEO of ComScore and
former Chairman and CEO of 360i

I have learned so much from Jared over the years, and I’m grateful he has taken the time to provide a framework for sharing lessons learned from a career on the marketing frontlines in the most disruptive period in history. The student has become the teacher with insights that can help us all in our professional and personal lives.

Abbey Klaassen (360i President, NY)

With The Great Client Partner, Jared Belsky has managed to distill a lifetime of hard-won knowledge into a collection of eminently readable and profoundly practical lessons for professionals at any stage of their career. The Great Client Partner delivers lessons that are applicable far beyond the world of traditional account leadership and client services—anyone who reports to a boss, or who works on a team, can learn a thing or two from this book.

Michael Cohn, Co-founder of Cloud Sherpas, Former Managing Director of Techstars Atlanta

Jared composed an invaluable handbook for anyone wanting to improve in the art of soft-skills. I found it to be a practical guide that offers real and tangible next steps to help you navigate complex moments in business, like building trust, mediating arguments, actively listening, and giving difficult feedback.

Meet the Author

Jared BelskyJared Belsky is CEO of 360i, a top advertising agency in the US that has helped its clients capitalize on industry changes.

During his ten-year tenure, Jared has led the agency’s growth, guiding product development and overall strategic direction, in addition to overseeing 360i’s Media practice.

Under Jared’s leadership, 360i has been named Adweek’s Breakthrough Media Agency of the year, repeatedly ranked among the best Lead Agencies and Search Agencies by Forrester Research, and featured in Ad Age’s coveted A-List issue for eight consecutive years.

As CEO, Jared leverages his integrated vision to define what the modern agency model looks like and to drive innovation at scale on behalf of 360i’s client partners. Jared has spearheaded 360i’s industry-leading expertise in Voice, including the development of Voice Search Monitor (VSM) software that reverse-engineers algorithms used by the most prevalent Voice platforms to help brands stay top-of-mind in all forms of discovery.

Before he was CEO, Jared served as the agency’s president for five years and cultivated a client-first organization, overseeing 360i’s global Search, Analytics, and Media (Display, Programmatic and Paid Social) practice.

Jared was named to Advertising Age’s “40 Under 40” in 2017, honored as “Executive of the Year” at the 2016 Bing Awards, on Adweek’s Media All-Star list in 2014, and has served as a trusted advisor to world-class brands like Capital One, H&R Block, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and others.

Prior to joining 360i, Jared had over a decade of marketing experience, which includes the launch of a new CPG brand, managing marketing for Coca-Cola’s Fanta brand, and working in media buying and account roles as one of the first employees at Avenue A (now SapientRazorfish). Jared received an MBA from Emory University in Marketing and Management and a BA with Honors from the University of Pennsylvania.